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Dental Implants

Dental Implants are a great solution for missing teeth


Dental Implants for Missing Teeth

Have you lost some or all of your teeth?

Do you have difficulty eating the foods you enjoy?
Do you lack confidence because of your smile?
Would you like to discard your dentures forever?

Whether you've lost your tooth, or teeth, through an accident or decay we know that it can have a huge affect on your self-confidence. Talking, eating, laughing and kissing are all affected by the loss of a tooth.  

If you are considering Dental implants then here at Dental at MediaCityUK we have several options to suit everyone. 



What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants act as a support or base for fixing individual crowns, multi-tooth bridges, or an entire denture. Dental Implants will not only give you your smile back but will restore your confidence so you’ll be able to laugh and enjoy foods like you once did. Dental Implants are so completely natural that you wont even be able to tell you ever had a missing tooth.  They are long term and should last you lifetime, if well maintained.

The procedure is simpler than you think and once your implants are in place you can continue your normal life the very next day. If it’s the pain you fear, then fear not. Most of our patients say that the procedure is less painful than having a tooth removed.

If you need more information from our experienced clinicians then book a free consultation with us and we’ll happily to listen your needs and provide a bespoke solution for you.

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Dental Implant Options

Depending on how many teeth you are missing and the health of your mouth your dentist will recommend the implant solution most suitable for you. 


Single Tooth Implant

Rather than a crown, a single implant can replace a single tooth like for like. Using a metal rod in your jaw bone to support a ceramic tooth. 


Multiple Teeth Implants

If you have several teeth missing from accident or injury we can help restore your smile using multiple implants to support your new teeth. 


Denture Support

Do you wear a denture? If it slips around and is uncomfortable, we can use implants to help your denture 'click' into place. Providing a stable and reliable base. 


Affordable Dental Implants

Interest FREE Credit available

It is a passion of ours to make dentistry affordable to those who need it. Our quality Straumann Dental Implants are priced from just £1,395. We also offer flexible payment options including 0% APR loans. This means that implants are available from as little as £26.66 a month. 

Please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

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Dental Implant FAQs

Can this help with my dentures?

Yes! If you are struggling with a denture or would like to avoid the loose-fitting problems associated with wearing dentures for some time, we can help!  After a full examination, we can advise if you are suitable to have dental implants fitted that will retain and stabilise your denture/s. 

Is timing important?

Ideally the best time to place an implant is between 6-8 weeks once the tooth has been extracted. This allows for the maximum amount of bone to be preserved in the area, thus avoiding other procedures such as bone grafts. Implants can be placed in areas where the space has been left for some time.

Does the treatment hurt?

The placement of an implant in most cases is carried out under local anaesthetic. After placement we recommend the patient take over the counter painkillers for minor discomfort which may be experienced. We do provide sedation at the clinic for patients who are anxious should they need it.

What our patients have to say...

The confidence I have now to laugh and smile, without hiding my mouth is simply AMAZING!
— Miss L D, Blackpool
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