Full Arch Implants

If you feel that you could benefit from an implant supported denture. Then why not contact us to book an appointment for a consultation with one of our experienced dentists today.


1. Teeth don't last forever

In an ideal world we would love for our teeth to last a lifetime, however this doesn’t always happen. It is very upsetting and traumatic when a patient loses all of their teeth. Patients often feel they have no other option than to have a denture. Thankfully with the development of implants this is not the case. Patients can now have a permanent fixed solution allowing them to enjoy food, banish troubles with speech and enjoy a beautiful smile!

2. benefits of Implants

  • Assistance in proper chewing for a healthy and improved diet
  • Allows for a comfortable and beautiful smile
  • Improved speech and pronunciation and supports natural facial contour
  • Ensures a comfortable and secure fitting denture


3. Causes of Tooth Loss

Teeth can be lost for a variety of reasons and for that reason it is important to maintain good oral hygiene and to visit the dentist regularly ideally every 6 months. An increasing reason as to why teeth are being lost is due to periodontal disease – this is where the bacteria damages the bone levels and results in the loss of support around the tooth resulting in it to become loose and eventually fall out. Periodontal disease is diagnosed by the dentist and is often something patients are completely unaware of.